Typical duration: 3 weeks or less

Key scoping requirements:


  1. Map customer’s “To Be” business process to AllyO supported modules

  2. Map Job level attributes - i.e. types of interviews, interviewers, languages, test/survey questions, etc.

  3. Map customer data integration requirements

  4. Build and test

  5. Deploy/Integrate AllyO into a customer environment

Client Challenges


Top 3 challenges:


Employers with chronic hiring needs, such as:

  1. Recruiters are overburdened administrative tasks which limit the time they can spend on relationship building, coaching, advising, etc.

  2. Poor candidate and hiring manager experience which leads to high candidate drop-off rates and hiring manager frustration

  3. Recruiting costs are skyrocketing, identifying quality candidates is difficult and expensive, all of which leads to an increasing amount of time to hire



  1. Capture & Apply

  2. Screen & Assess

  3. Schedule & Hire

  4. New Hire Check-ins

  5. Employee Referrals

  6. Talent Pool Engagement