Employee Engagement & Performance Capability Development


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Employee engagement and performance have always been top of the agenda for organisations, however, the methods and technology to capture and support have struggled. Historically employees have felt that these processes have been a tick-boxing exercise, with no evidence of results converting into action.


More recently these processes have needed to move from a typically very structured annual process to a continuous listening experience, making sure that there is a balance of requests being made.


Employees expect the opportunity to provide feedback anytime through various methods i.e. email, SMS, QR codes and chat bots. They also expect that feedback to be reviewed and organisations to be transparent through communications on the actions that will take place. Organisations are expecting their HR teams to have the ability to analyse employee data in real time and link both employee sentiment and theme analysis to other HR and key critical metrics, aligned to the business strategy. 

Client Challenges

We know that some of the challenges you are experiencing are also commonplace with some of our other clients. 


Common Challenges


  1. Employee feedback only gathered annually

  2. Actions taking too long to implement based on the feedback gained

  3. Capturing theme analysis is resource heavy and mostly never even done

  4. Using traditional 1-5 performance rating scales are not effective

  5. Multiple survey platforms across the business for various uses i.e. Onboarding, exit, census, pulse

Subject Matter Expert 

Pag Miles

Global Head of Partnerships