Selection & Assessment  

Organisations are moving towards measuring behaviours, motivators, cultural fit, adaptability – all things a person brings with them as the working world evolves – rather than looking at work experience, current skills, academics.


Candidates expect a fully digitised, personalised, consumer-grade assessment experience. To meet this, a growing number of assessment providers offer engaging, gamified, automated assessments that provide a seamless journey from application to final stage assessments.  


AI will soon become commonplace; for screening CVs, assessing video interviews, even assessing language skills. If applied correctly, these latest technologies make assessments more accessible to candidates, more predictive of performance - and ensure an organisation stands out as being at the cutting edge of innovation.


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Client Challenges

Subject Matter Expert 

Patrick Lockhart

Lead Consulting Partner & Assessment Lead, EMEA

We know that some of the challenges you are experiencing are also commonplace with some of our other clients. 

Common Challenges


  1. Navigating and discerning between the wide range of innovative assessment options

  2. Offering a seamless, consumer-grade, mobile-first candidate experience

  3. Ensuring quick, engaging and gamified still means valid, predictive and inclusive

  4. Not losing focus on the human side of assessment

  5. Having a forward-thinking approach to data collection and platform integration