Digital Assistant


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One of the most trending topics in HR today is Digital Assistant/ Chat Bots.  They are designed to engage with candidates throughout the recruitment lifecycle and the 4 common use cases we see are;


Application Management & Job Matching - designed to engage with candidates by responding to specific questions and align them to the most relevant job

Pre-Screening – bots that can screen and stack rank candidates. Some more sophisticated Chat Bots are now also capable of delivering more comprehensive psychometric tests over chat

Virtual Helpdesk -  support candidates at various application stages, answering questions on the organisation and can also drive CRM strategies with passive / talent-pooled candidates

Virtual Assistants – bot buddies to support post application into onboarding and the employee journey

Client Challenges

We know that some of the challenges you are experiencing are also commonplace with some of our other clients. 


Common Challenges


  1. Trying to understand the multiplicity of Chat Bot solutions on the market 

  2. It is essential that you understand what problem you are looking to resolve with a Chat Bot

  3. Integration of your Chat Bot is essential to give it the information it needs to be able to converse intelligently

  4. It can typically take time for the Algorithms that drive a Chat Bot to “learn” responses they need, to prevent a poor experience.

Subject Matter Expert 

Annie Hammer

Product Development