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In today’s digitally-driven world, the mechanisms we use for online shopping, or choosing our next holiday destination, are the same we use for job hunting. As consumers or candidates, we follow the same research, selection and decision process. Yet, far too often attraction technologies and the candidate experience falls short leaving candidates disengaged – resulting in high drop offs.


Competition for talent is fierce. To attract top talent, organisations must successfully differentiate through a compelling employee value proposition (EVP) and an effective employer brand strategy. Employers must adopt a candidate-centric approach and fully understand their target audience(s): how to find, attract, engage, recruit, onboard, develop and retain them.

Subject Matter Expert 

Sondra Dryer 

Global Head of Brand & Experience

Client Challenges

From our experience, we know there are some challenges that are commonplace.


Common Challenges


  1. Competitive advantage through a compelling EVP and effective employer branding strategy

  2. Exceptional, branded experiences through technology, process, communications and feedback

  3. Future-proofed total talent solutions across permanent, students, contingent, freelance, etc.

  4. Attraction and sourcing of specialist recruiting such as tech and engineering

  5. Capturing candidate feedback on a continuous basis