Typical duration: 8-12 weeks

Key scoping requirements:


  1. Jon Analysis on the role(s) to identify the key attributes which lead to success

  2. Design of the assessments

  3. Pilot and validation with the client

  4. Integrate with an ATS/3rd party (if required) – taleo/workday etc

  5. Ongoing measurement of success

Client Challenges


Top 3 challenges:


  1. Ensuring a great candidate experience that reflects the brand and culture and the digital age

  2. Identifying the best candidates who will be high performing employees

  3. Managing high volume effectively and fairly

  4. Needing to have a diverse and socially inclusive assessment process but maximise predictive validity





  1. Blended digital Assessments

  2. Video Interviewing

  3. Digital Assessment Centres

  4. Integrated or non-integrated options available