Typical duration: Deploys in minutes but typical client timeline is 1-2 weeks depending on the number of outside vendors (ATS,  CRM, TRM, career site, employee portals, etc.)

Key scoping requirements:


  1. Low friction, 30-day free trial

  2. No integrations or IT involvement

  3. Based on Smart Tag technology (similar to Google Analytics)

  4. Custom goal and funnel creation 

  5. Feedback and survey questions

  6. Chatbot – would require additional scoping based on knowledge base and objectives


Client Challenges


Top 3 challenges:

  1. Accurate source of hire metrics

  2. Candidate and employee experience/user satisfaction 

  3. Candidate conversion on apply



Total Number: 4



  1. Journey, Sourcing and Systems Analytics

  2. Feedback and Surveys

  3. Chatbot (for recruiting or internal employees)

  4. Employer Review Monitoring