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Technology Sourcing platform for Diversity Talent and SmartWorkers across Tech, Finance and Support



Dublin, Ireland

Use Cases and Industries


  1. Full anonymity at 1st stage match and screen – to reduce unconscious bias and support diversity sourcing. 

  2. Fastest growing ecosystem for SmartWorkers - giving sourcing teams access to the best talent beyond the commute across 62 countries. 

  3. Weighted % matching algorithm based on hiring brief - saving time and cost of talent sourcing


Top Industries


  1. Software & Tech

  2. Finance & Banking 

  3. BPO & Support Services




Abodoo was designed specifically for the complexity and increased variables of SmartWorker’s skills and preferences and to support improved Diversity Sourcing.  Traditional advertising sourcing platforms indirectly support unconscious bias and will experience an average of 15:1 ratio of candidates:invite into process due to poor keyword matching and this increases when a role has more flexibility. 
The Abodoo’s platform sourcing matching algorithm is based on an initial anonymous match where the gender, age and ethnicity are not visible.  The match  is based on key data points inputted by the recruiter and candidate which include information on hard skills, soft skills, contract Vs employees, salaries, location, preference to be home, office or cowork and speed of connectivity. The technology is based on auto push so the days of hours of searching are eliminated with any match over 50% receiving an alert. The platform ratios observed across industries are 3:1 ratio of matched candidate:Invite into process. 

 The SAAS license model is based on a recruiter license including company profile, a set number of job postings and unlimited matches. 





  1. Total number – 225

  2. Average size –  500 to 10,000 employees