Typical duration: 4-6 weeks

Key scoping requirements:


  1. Creation by Recruiter holding the license of the Employer Profile highlighting the Diversity Culture and/or SmartWorking model in terms of level of flexibility offered. 

  2. Creation of job postings inputting key matching data 

  3. Auto alerts to potential matches will occur instantly and Recruiter can invite into process 

  4. Social and marketing campaign design and launch by Abodoo to support additional awareness (4-6 weeks) 

Client Challenges



  1. Sourcing qualified and experienced talent whilst achieving Diversity & Inclusivity targets - addressed through anonymity factor

  2. Time taken to  review CV’s and applications - addressed through low volume high quality matches

  3. Availability of talent in a competitive environment - addressed through access to SmartWorkers



Modules: 3

  1. SAAS License for Diversity and SmartWorking Sourcing

  2. Data Intelligence Marketing  (pricing on volume and market)

  3. Talent Heat Map of available Diversity & SmartWorking skills (pricing on request)