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Leoforce inc.

AI Sourcing  and Candidate

Engagement Platform



Raleigh, North Carolina, US

Use Cases and Industries


  1. An AI Sourcing & Engagement Platform that identifies and engages with the most hireable and desirable candidates and predicts the best potential hires faster than humanly possible



  1. Information Technology

  2. Banking, Insurance and Financial Services

  3. Retail & Consumer

  4. Healthcare

  5. Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics




  1. Decreasing Time and Cost of hire while Increasing the Quality of hire to deliver better outcomes to the business

  2. Improving the efficiency, productivity and business impact of the Talent Acquisition team

  3. Identifying the best potential candidates available across all sources – Internal, 3rd Party Job Boards and the Open Web




  1. Total number – 100+ clients

  2. Average size –  5-10k employees