Typical duration: Depending on the project and the modules purchased. From a few weeks to a few months


Key scoping requirements:


Standard projects will involve a system integrator suggested by Cornerstone

Client Challenges


Top 3 challenges:


  1. Need to have management and stakeholders buy-in to ensure the success of the project

  2. Have an engaged project team at on the client’s side

  3. Be ready to change the way you work and change your mindset




  1. Recruiting: Applicant Tracking, Recruitment management, Frontline recruitment, Campus recruitment, Mobile recruiting

  2. Learning: Learning management, Course recommendation, content libraries, compliance

  3. Performance: structured  and ongoing performance reviews, employee mobility, succession planning, compensation, social feedback, employee visualisation

  4. HR Admin: Employee data management with GDPR compliance, workflows and forms management, data visualisation, benchmarking, workforce planning