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The iCIMS Talent Platform is written in Java on a J2EE Platform, with a front-end utilizing JSP, AJAX, JavaScript and XML technologies.

The iCIMS Talent Platform is written in Java on a J2EE Platform, with a front-end utilizing JSP, AJAX, JavaScript and XML technologies.



Every client has access to award-winning customer support as part of their contract with iCIMS. iCIMS Technical Support is available in English by phone or Web 24 hours a day starting Sunday 9 PM through Friday 9 PM. In terms of issue resolution outside of these hours, the iCIMS Database Administration team is on-call internally 24x7 in support of our SLA. In addition, iCIMS support teams maintain the iCARE™ Support Site ( that provides clients with access to a wide range of training videos, documentation, news and additional resources. All materials are provided with the goal of improving each user’s experience with the platform and increasing user adoption.





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The iCIMS Talent Platform is delivered in a web-based, multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service model, allowing clients to simply access the platform via a browser. iCIMS supports the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Applicants may access Portals from additional browser versions as well. For full details, please see the iCIMS Browser Support Policy, which is available here for review: 


iCIMS engages independent, industry-leading third-parties to perform our annual and continuous penetration testing and static code testing of the iCIMS Talent Platform. The scope of the testing covers network infrastructure penetration and application security. iCIMS also monitors the Platform on an ongoing basis.




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iCIMS UNIFi is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) framework that enables an organization to centralize all of their Talent Acquisition (TA) tools into one recruitment platform that can serve as an extension of a company’s core HCM. UNIFi delivers an industry-leading, TA-centric Marketplace, unparalleled developer tools, and a robust portfolio of integration products. Customers who leverage UNIFi’s innovative capabilities enjoy an enhanced user experience spanning recruiters, hiring managers, candidates and developers, increased decision support with centralized data and analytics, and better data governance and ROI across the organization’s HR solutions.

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