Typical duration: 2-4 months depending on scope

Key scoping requirements:


  1. Scope of deployment-CRM, recruitment marketing, applicant tracking, onboarding

  2. Data migration-leads/prospects, applicants, employees, positions

  3. Third party integrations

  4. Availability of client resources (project management, subject matter experts)

Solution Overview


Gr8 People delivers a “one-experience” recruitment technology platform-minimizing third party integrations, improving candidate and recruiter experience and delivering compelling analytics.


Our platform is comprised of three core components


  1. Recruitment Marketing:  Tools to amplify your employment brand through career sites and microsites, supported by a content management system and self-service design tools

  2. Candidate Relationship Management:  Tools to discover and engage talent, driven by a workflow engine enabling automatic candidate discovery, and drip marketing campaigns. Embedded solutions include social network recruiting, employee referral, event management, job board distribution and internal mobility

  3. Applicant Tracking:  Automation of the hiring process supported by a dynamic workflow engine-screening, interviewing, offer management, dispositioning and onboarding


Client Challenges


Top 3 challenges:

  1. Lack of capabilities with the current ATS-typically candidate relationship management, candidate searching and reporting

  2. Limited pre-need talent communities to improve sourcing and hiring metrics

  3. Difficulties associated with managing multiple technology solutions-expense with maintaining problematic integrations, lack of efficiency with inconsistent user experiences and delays pulling together talent acquisition key performance indicators (KPIs)

Modules: 3


Recruitment Marketing:

  • Career site hosting

  • Microsite & landing page hosting (unlimited)

  • Content management system and self-service toolset

  • Vanity URL

  • Google Talent  Solution ($)

Candidate Relationship Management

  • Sourcing/CRM workflows (unlimited)

  • Talent communities and pipelines

  • gr8Job! Social links

  • Email marketing campaigns

  • Event and Campus Management

  • Employee Referral

  • Internal Mobility

  • Job board distribution ($)

  • SMS marketing campaigns ($)

Applicant Tracking

  • Hiring workflows (unlimited)

  • Requisition management

  • Interview coordination

  • Offer letter management

  • Dispositioning

  • Hiring manager portal

  • Staffing agency portal

  • Onboarding