Typical duration: Annual

Key scoping requirements:

Two service tiers: Business / Enterprise plans based on volume of candidates screened.


Additional scoping requirements:

  • # of seats (recruiters)

  • # of countries

  • Messaging volume

  • Activation of communication channels (e.g. WhatsApp, career sites)

  • Integration with HRIS/ATS


Client Challenges


Top challenges:


  1. Ramp up in candidate volume with limited recruitment team

  2. Delivering a good personalized candidate experience at scale

  3. Recruiters wasting time on low-value screening activities




  1. Talkpush CRM

  2. Conversational career website / UI

  3. WhatsApp business line connector

  4. Custom bot to automate part of recruitment process (e.g. onboarding, campus fair, etc. )