Typical duration: 60 days after data received

Key scoping requirements:


  1. Recruiting challenges/business problems

  2. Recruiting organizational structure and business process

  3. Recruiting tech stack and current systems used

  4. Use of CRM vs. ATS for tracking candidates

  5. Technical integration scoping with recruiting vendors defined in #3

Client Challenges


Top 3 challenges:


  1. Recruiters can't keep up with the volume of applicants nor easily find matching candidates within their talent databases

  2. Recruiters don’t have an easy way to increase the number of applicants to meet gender, ethnicity or military background goals (Diversity and Inclusion initiatives)

  3. No automated recommendation engine of candidates to match open jobs or job descriptions




Total Number: 5



  1. Talent Feed – web sourcing data

  2. Talent Feed+ – custom data matching search

  3. Prophet – Chrome browser tool to uncover emails, phone numbers, etc.

  4. RAI – AI-powered recruiting assistant

  5. Integration(s) – pull or push of data