Typical duration: 2 weeks-90 days

Key scoping requirements:


  1. Understanding the size and scale of an organization where Olivia will be working (employee headcount, number of hires

  2. Product set being utilized

  3. Number of users needing Paradox licenses (recruiters & hiring managers)

  4. Integration points and system integration requirements

Solution Overview

Olivia engages candidates on multiple channels to capture, engage, screen, and automate process. Olivia acts as the assistant to candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers.

Client Challenges


Top 4 challenges:

Employers with chronic hiring needs, such as:

  1. High Volume

  2. Hard to Fill, High Importance

  3. Brand & Candidate Experience Focused

  4. Cost & Efficiency Focused



Total Number: 7 modules


  1. Capture

  2. Schedule

  3. ERP (employee referral program)

  4. Candidate Care

  5. Employee Care

  6. Experience

  7. On-boarding/Pre-boarding