Typical duration: 3- 12 weeks 

Key scoping requirements:

  •  Number of data sets to be ingested/analysed 

  • Agreed outputs required (e.g. Dashboard vs. C-Suite presentation etc.

  • Size of the organisation being analysed.

  • Modules required. (e.g. Just quantitative or inclusive of NLP)

  • Duration of the project (e.g. adhoc analytics project v.s. long-term access 

  • Integrations

  • Languages


Client Challenges


Top 3 challenges:

  1. Lack of ability to understand historical and future drivers (e.g. skills, behaviours, competencies) of critical leadership and organisational KPIs. For example, predicting the skillset and behaviours that underpin high performance.

  2. Inability to link  key strategic initiatives like employee engagement, inclusion, or culture  to value/ ROI (e.g. productivity, performance, absence, etc)

  3. Difficulty in measuring unstructured feedback i.e. listening at massive scale and capturing the voice of the employee.


Module Overview



  1. Hindsight- Cleans and connects data gathered from any system, in any format

  2. Foresight- Builds predictive statistical models proven to deliver value using powerful AI

  3. Insight- Enhance your system data by listening to the voice of all your people using NLP