Typical duration: 60-90days

Key scoping requirements:


1.   Number of potential Alumni globally

2.   Why is the customer engaging their Alumni?
3.   Does customer have another Alumni vendor?

Client Challenges



  1. EA enables clients to “Promote and Protect their brand.” The main outcomes of this over all objective are :

  2. Improve Recruiting and Boomerang efforts while reducing costs hires
    Increase Sales & Business development opportunities

  3. Strengthen and build brand awareness

  4. Support corporate social responsibility and diversity & inclusion programs by leveraging Alumni outside the organization to amplify these efforts.

  5. Improve Glassdoor ratings by targeting Alumni with high NPS scores to complete reviews



EA consists of 3 main modules:

  1. Landing Page: fully branded, public facing page to present the value proposition of the Alumni network and host external content outside the portal. EX: https://alumni.your-corp.com (Your Corp is EA’s generic demo company). This page also initiates the registration process.

  2. Alumni Portal – after the user is approved, the Alumni Portal is the main page for the user to engage.

  3. Admin Dashboard – is where the customer manages all aspects of the Landing Page and the Alumni Portal and access analytics and data on the Alumni community.