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ATS providers can’t keep up with releasing enough new functionality and are having to integrate with niche value-add solutions like AI sifting products, online assessments and other solutions that drive automation will stand out for savvy recruitment leaders in the market for a new solution. 


The candidate onboarding experience is not over at offer acceptance. In today’s market, candidates expect to not only be able to obtain this information, but they expect that the information will be available without even having to ask. 


Candidate Relationship Management tools can be both built into ATS platforms or standalone. CRM platforms are about engaging with candidates with personalised messaging and has also moved into thesourcing space.  

Client Challenges

We know that some of the challenges you are experiencing are also commonplace with some of our other clients. 


Common Challenges

  • Legacy platforms can have a poor user experience

  • Understanding the trade-off between implementing a core HRIS ATS vs best of breed

  • Scoping the correct experience for the new hire through process and content

  • Engaging with client privacy/compliance teams early in any discussion to agree on consent model

  • Integrations discussions to be truly personalized and transformational

Subject Matter Expert 

Erica Titchener

Global Head of Technology and Operations Consulting