Typical duration: 1-3 months

Key scoping requirements:


Clear Review does not have a complex back-end so can deploy very quickly. The technical aspect is quick and simple, the majority of the implementation time and effort is on the comms and cultural rollout

  1. Identify user population and hierarchy

  2. Agree on language and a (not vast) number configurable options

  3. Identify optimal launch timing

Client Challenges


Top challenges:


  1. Lack of manager/employee engagement in performance, development, and feedback

  2. Poor data/visibility for HR and Talent as to where performance, development and feedback is and isn’t happening – as well as talent population analysis

  3. Lack of clarity for HR and Talent leaders as to how to move away from ‘tick-box’ annual appraisals - an exercise that is despised by the entire  talent population and for which they are responsible for perpetuating



Clear Review is a point solution that specifically competes against the clunky and ineffective performance modules of the suite vendors.
There is one simple pricing schedule for which customers receive full functionality