Typical duration: 12-16 weeks


Key scoping requirements:


  1. Company Data – Business rules, applicable local, state and federal regulations, etc.

  2. Existing Contractors Data – Name, hiring manager, job title, job description, billing rate, supplier, etc.

  3. Hiring Manager Data – Name, department, cost centre, applicable projects, related approving managers, etc.

  4. Approving Manager Data – Name, department, cost centre, applicable projects, related hiring managers, etc.

  5. Geographic Location Data – Name, address, unique business rules, labour disciplines involved, suppliers involved, etc.

  6. Integration Data – Name of the third-party applications, integration points, etc.

  7. Personnel Access – Access to all relevant customer personnel.


Company Overview


Technical Overview

Client Challenges


Top 3 challenges:


Each implementation is unique, yet there are a few common variables which always affect the success and length of a deployment. 


  1. 1. Executive Sponsorship – Does this initiative have full support of senior executives who can help remove barriers and enable integral resources?

  2. Resources – Have the proper internal teams, such as HR, finance, procurement, IT, operations and supplier management been engaged throughout the business case development and have signed off on the project and made commitments in supporting through resources and/or budget?

  3. Defined Scope – Is there universal support and approval on project scope, what regions, categories, suppliers, sites, etc. will be implementing the solution and what are the expected goals of the program? 



Total Number: 4

All SAP Fieldglass functionality is offered on a single platform. Due to this methodology, there is no need to install additional modules. This allows our clients to have a consistent experience and workflow.

1. SAP Fieldglass Contingent
2. SAP Fieldglass Services
3. SAP Fieldglass Worker Profile Management
4. SAP Fieldglass Supplier Qualification