Typical duration: 30 days

Key scoping requirements:


  1. Identification of key leaders within the company and their desired outcomes

  2. Identification of participants; Levelhead requires only the name and email address of each participant, delivered to Levelhead via CSV

  3. Access provided to Levelhead tools, website, password protected URLs
    Firewall testing for uninterrupted receipt of communications element

Note: No technology integration is required between Levelhead and participating company. 


Client Challenges


Top challenges:


  1. Help clients understand and position our program as part of overall strategy; how it fits in context with other programs

  2. Gain leadership support/buy-in

  3. Ensure widespread, volunteer participation

  4. Have a plan for sustaining the program




  1. The Levelhead App

  2. The Levelhead Administrative Portal 

  3. Leadership Development & Education

  4. Digital Communications and Ongoing Education