In this hyper-competitive experience economy it is crucial to be partnering with our clients as a trusted advisor, to enable us to win new accounts and build on our existing relationships.

This is what sets Alexander Mann Solutions

apart in the Market


What is the one piece of advice you would give to transform a relationship from transactional to a trusted advisor status?


We also asked some of our clients what they thought was important and what trusted advisor means for them

Kalvinder Dhillon

Global Partner

Deloitte LLP

Anna-Viktoria Warren

UK Head of Resourcing



Common Myths of a Trusted Advisor

Here we will expel some of the most common myths of a trusted advisor and what these myths actually mean in reality. 


Hover over the myth to reveal the real value.

Goal is
to be right
Provides answers
Solves problems
In Charge
In Control
Deals with logic

Always remember to keep it simple. Ask yourself some key things. 

  1. What are we really aiming for here?  What’s the goal?

  2. What will it look like when we get there?

  3. How will we know when we get there?

Some helpful tips on being a trusted advisor

Trust in your ability to add value after listening rather than trying to do so during listening.

When you don’t know, say so, quickly and directly

Make sure you have done your research - LinkedIn, Google alerts

Make specific commitments to your client around small things: And then deliver on them, quietly, and on time

Do what you say you’ll do and when you said you would do it

Focus on defining the problem not guessing the solution.

Use Reflective listening, summarise what you heard to make sure you heard correctly

Don’t tell lies, or even exaggerate.

At all. Ever

Use the client’s “fit and feel” around terminology, style, formats

Relax.  You know much more than you think you know

Have a conversation don’t rely on email

Make every meeting/call count and leave with actions

Be consistent, responsive and collaborative

Listen and empathise -try and see things from your stakeholders perspective - Find out what your client needs and wants

Speak with expression.  Show the client you have energy around the subject at hand

Manage and set expectations appropriately


Hear some of the stories from our leadership team on their journey of becoming a Trusted Advisor


Rob Matthew

Head of Client Services, Santander UK

UK Investment Bank, Being curious and interested in what’s important to the client.

Jim Sykes

Sector Managing Director, Pharmaceuticals & Lifesciences| Professional & Business Services

Hewlett Packard, Europe – Early learning from failing as a trusted advisor

Caleb Baker

Managing Director, Asia Pacific & Emerging Markets

BHP Billiton, Australia –Turning a transactional relationship into a trusted advisor status

We hope this has been useful to you and that it really explains the importance of being a Trusted Advisor and the benefits that it can bring to you and your clients.


Identify your least advisory and most transactional relationships and speak to your manager about how you are going to become their most trusted advisor.


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